Saturday, May 26, 2007

Beck's Mill

Beck's Mill is located in Washington County, Indiana south of Salem the county seat. It is located at 38 32.214 N, 86 09.290 W. The mill is in the process of being restored by the Friends of Beck's Mill. They recently received a grant from the Cooks Group which will pay for the complete restoration of the mill. The mill receives water from a cave located behind the mill. A smal dam holds water for the mill. The water for the mill comes through a metal pipe. The pipe once supplied water to a metal waterwheel and two turbines. The state of the tubines is unknown at this time. The waterwheel is in very poor condition.

Inside the mill on the second floor is a bolter and two carding machines. On the first floor is stone mill. Most of the contents of the mill have been placed in storage at this time.

The mill will be lifted from the foundation, so that it can be restored.

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